How old do I need to be to join a tour?
People of all ages can join a tour. We allow children under the age of 7 to ride for free on their parents boards. We love to teach kids how to SUP and offer local SUP clinics for kids annually. Adults of all ages and abilities have joined us for our intro lesson and tour and those wanting more specialized attention can choose the private tour option. Friends or family members wanting to join can chill out at the lodge and enjoy the scenery for no cost and for the half or full day option are welcome to hang back on the boat for the cost of the tour.
If I am an experienced paddle boarder do I need to join the tour and are rentals available?
If you have experience paddling our guide will prepare our equipment, make sure you have a safety debrief and send you off on your own. However for half or full day rentals you must leave a passport as a deposit for equipment. Rental and tour prices are the same.
What can I do with my belongings when I am paddle boarding?
For the 2 hour lesson and tour we recommend you bring only your minimal belongings. We have small dry bags but ask that you bring your own if you have one. If you are on a half or full day tour your belongings can be kept in the boat.
Is there a restaurant or hotel at your location?

Yes! Champa Lodge has a great selection of Belgium beer, French wine, and other non-alcoholic drinks and cocktails. Khmer and French food is served riverside. Traditional style bungalows in a garden are also available. To book go to

Can we hire the boat and SUP as a group?
Yes, just let us know how many people in your group, how many people will SUP and we will provide you a price for an amazing exploration.
Can you provide lunches or meals?
For sure for the half and full day options. We provide picnic lunches or boat up to one of our favorite restaurants along the river. Fancy a sunset bottle of champagne? Let us know and we can provide. Want to bring your own? We bring the cooler with ice. Birthday cake? We’ve done that before too!
What if I can’t swim or am afraid of water?
We work frequently with people who have anxiety about water sports. We have professional life jackets and our guides are trained to help you feel comfortable. If you have never swam before we encourage you to book a private lesson and tour so we can give all our attention to your safety and skill building.